SESSION 7 Internet Terms

1. IT is an abbreviation for information Technology                                                   True
2. The Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) are the same thing                      False
3. A browser is a person who enjoys looking at the WWW                                     False
4. You can see pictures and words on-line but you cannot listen to sounds                False
5. You need the newest, fastest computers to use the web                                        False
6. Most internet users are men                                                                                 True
7. @ is called "at" in english                                                                                     Flase

2. Match the words to their definitions
A browser-  Software that lets you access the WWW
To download - To get programs from the internet
To chat - To have a conversation through the Internet by wryting or speaking
Email - Letters you send by internet
A modem -  Thing that connects a comnputer to the internet
Wi-Fi - Wireless device that allows computers to connect to the internet using a router
On-line- When you are connected to the internet
Software - Computer programs
Scroll down/ up - Move the page up or down using the side tabs with your mouse

3. Choose the best word to complete theese senteces
1. I use a fast modem to connect my computer to the Internet.
2. RealPlayer is computer software that you use to listen to music on the WWW.
3. I alkways save my documents omn floppy disks
4.Chat is a good way of meeting other people on the Internet
5. A beep is a sound your computer makes when there is an error.

4. Answer these questions
1. What is teh difference between a search Engine and a Browser? Give examples of commercial names of both:
A Browser is a software that connects to the internet for example: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
And a Search Engine is the programe that the browser uses for example Google or Yahoo.
2. Which search engine do you use more?
We usually use Google.
3.Which browser do you use more?
We normally use Google Chrome.