SESSION 6: Computers and you


Answser these questions about the computer you are using. Then compare your answers with a partner

1.What brand is your computer?

Our computer is BENQ

2.What is the opertating system of your computer?

Our computer uses Windows

3. Witch web browser/s does your computer use?

It uses Google Chrome and Firefox

4.How many bottons does your mouse have?

It has three bottons

5.does your computer have a CD-ROM drive? And a DVD-drive? And a USB drive?

It does not have a CD-ROM drive and it also doesn't have a DVD-drive.

Althow it does have a USB drive.

6.Find these keys on your key board. Check each key as you find it and translate them into catalan or spanish:
write the symbol next to its name.

Return ( enter) - Tornar
Space Bar - colon Barra d'espai
shift -
Tab -
Delete - Esborrar
Control - Control
Escape -

2. Match these word-processing terms with their definitions. Then compare your answers with a partner.

1.a list of computer operations - windows
2.a box on the screen that shows information - menu
3.a small picture or symbol - icon
4.text or other data stored together with a special name - file
5.softwere for creating text files - word processor and realese the button on the mouse - click
7.a little arrow on the screen that moves when you move the mouse - cursor text/imatges with the mouse - highlight

3. Match these word processing comands with their definitions below:

1. Duplicate highlighted text/images to put somewhere else:  copy
2. Preserve the contents of a document: save
3. Cut text/images from one place and put them somewhere else: cut and paste
4.Open an existing document: open
5. Create a new document: new
6.Send the contents of a document to the printer: print
7. Close the document without quitting the word processor: close
8. Save the contents of a document under a new file name: save as


  1. Hi! for exercise 6 you need to translate the keys on the left column and write the symbol for the ones on the right column, for example:
    colon : / dash _


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